A Tidbit About Tonia...

~ I grew up in Dothan, AL, attended the University of Alabama. I have a degree in Sports Medicine and I happily reside where people vacation in Orange Beach, AL.

~ I have three children (Bella, Cash and Bailey), and the biggest baby, Levi Turner, my bull mastiff.

~ I've never met a food I didn’t like. I love fresh fruit & veggies from Seasons in the Sun, which delivers to my home and brings in fresh produce from all over Baldwin County. Fresh Beef, pork & chicken from the Meat Mart in Orange Beach and fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico!

~ I owned a seafood restaurant for four years and created the menu items. I also help run my husband's trucking company, Turner Company LLC.

~ My favorite colors are white, slate gray & light blue, so if that's your palette for your event I already love you! Ha!

~ Favorite smell.... fresh flowers....gardenia...... lavender (keep some everyday in the house).....eucalyptus (I put it on a warm wash cloth to wash the kid's faces in the morning).... and of course the smell of the Gulf.

~ I love to relax & unwind at my parents place on the water on the beautiful Lake Eufaula. Robinson Island, in Orange Beach, is a local hangout only accessible by water.

~ Like most southern ladies, my mother taught me to cook. Her potato salad is THE BEST (secret is to put dill & pimento in it). Her cobblers are mouthwatering and her pecan pies can't be beat.

~ Best advice my parents ever gave ---- Stay confident, believe in yourself & love yourself because there will be days that you will be the only person that believes in you, AND never ever give up. My son asked me one day if I was always confident, I said “Heavens no honey, but I will never let anyone see self doubt, fake it till you make it.”

~ Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits is my favorite album. Stevie Nicks is a goddess.

~ My family loves when I make my homemade key lime pie with a chocolate drizzle in an oreo crust.

~ My favorite cocktail is a Moscow Mule with Fever-Tree Ginger Beer.

~ To decompress I love boating along the Intercostal Waterway, working out, biking through the Gulf State Park, gardening, and anything outdoors. We do adventure trips with the kids for their Christmas and Birthday GIFTS. We'd rather create memories than buy things, like swimming with manatees this past Christmas.

~ I cry at every wedding. The first time a groom sees the bride is my all time favorite moment.

~ The most memorable event I've worked so far is a celebration of life for a sweet beautiful lady.. It was a honor to plan her final party. One of the greatest working moments. She brought me a Tiffany & Co. coffee mug (it was the theme for her party) and I refuse to use it.

~ I wake at 5 am, workout, walk the dog, breakfast & lunches prepared for my family, take kids to school, work work work – handwritten notes, reminders in my phone, ipad and laptop and calendar on fridge for kids is how I stay organized. I am a chronic multi-tasker!!

~ Best advice I give brides or someone planning an event...Be patient, don’t worry with the small stuff, enjoy every moment of the process and the days that lead to the ceremony. You don’t get “do overs” for that day…cherish every second.

~ I start the planning process by asking the client what their dream is for the event & surpassing their expectations.